Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) train stations

Project Description: 

Operating, maintaining and handing over SAR train stations in (Riyadh - Al-Qassim - Hail).

Engineering Works:

  • Maintenance and reprogramming of the building control system (BMS).
  • Maintenance and reprogramming of the fire control system (FAS).
  • Study fire suppression, evacuation and public safety plans.
  • Project Summary:

    • Project Name: SAR train stations (Riyadh - Al-Qassim - Hail)
    • Client: Saudi Railways Company
    • Location:Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh - Qassim - Hail)
    • Execution Period: 540 days
    • Project Date:2018 – 2019
    محطات قطار سار (Saar train stations)