Integrated engineering design for Al-Wafly Company in Jeddeh ( Based in Istanbul main branch )

Project Description: 

Integrated Engineering Design for Waffle Café Project in Jeddah, spanning 221 square meters across two floors. The interior and exterior design will be modern and aligned with the brand's visual identity.

Design Works :

  • Architectural specifications for the chocolate fountain display lounge, kitchen, and preparation area, based on the Saudi Building Code (SBC) and the special requirements for Cafes of the Jeddeh Municipality.
  • Design electrical and mechanical systems, include: (HVAC – Ventilation – Fire Fighting – Water Supply – Drainage – Power – Lighting)
  • Designing security and safety systems based on Civil Defense requirements, the most important of which include: (Fire Alarm – Access control – CCTV – Public Address)
  • Project Summary:

    • Project Name: WAFLY Chocolate and café
    • Location:Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
    • Execution Period: 30 days
    • Project Date:2023