Reinforcement of Reinforced Concrete Building

Project Description: 

Study, execution, and supervision of reinforcing a single-story building and adding a second floor.

Engineering Works:

  • After site inspection, it was found that there is settlement in the solid slab and presence of shallow foundations
  • Structural study was conducted to reinforce the foundations and columns, and to create a two-way hollow slab.
  • Removal of the existing concrete slab.
  • Excavation and clearing of the foundations, removing all soil by using sandblasting.
  • Reinforcement of the foundations and columns by installing reinforcement bars and injecting them with a special epoxy material, followed by concrete pouring.
  • Construction of a new formwork for the concrete slab on both the first and second floors.
  • Project Summary:

    • Project Name: Private Villa
    • Location:Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    • Execution Period: 60 days
    • Project Date:2017